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A woman who managed to find the strength and courage to leave a verbally abusive relationship. Please email me at if you would like to share your story.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

my turn

okay, forgive the lower case typing. surgery on shoulder sucks donkey balls. i have fixed comments for anyone to comment. i forgot to mention in the first post that if you are more comfortable sharing your story annonymously than just let me know when you email me your story and it is no problem.

i met j when i was 21. i was young and very niave. he was cute and i was easily impressed. a 26 year old drum player was interested in me?! yeah, i was into bad boys too. it soon progressed in j moving in with me (did i mention he was still living with his parents?) i had more experience than he did, so obviously i was a whore....and a dumb bitch too, as i was reminded daily. it was all about control for him and making sure i hated myself. soon i started to believe him. i drove him to work and then he would make me wait over an hour in my car to pick him up. j had sex issues too, and it was all because of how bad i was in bed. after the first time he hit me, thankfully i started to wake up. i started to learn that it wasn't my fault, it was his. i was good enough, he wasn't. it took me learning to love myself to finally leave. when i did, he started to stalk me. i would wake up with my hair standing on end only to look out my window to see him staring at me. he stalked my friends and called them everyday to tell them how much i needed help and only he could save me. eventually i moved in with my mom. he showed up there one sweetest day, at 3 am, drunk and holding flowers and candy. my mom ripped him a new asshole. nothing like messing with a pissed off mom's kid. i haven't seen him since.

i realize that so many women had/have it so much worse and that i was lucky. i might have never found the strength to leave and i really don't know what would have happened. if you would like to share yor story too, simply email it to me at you can do it annon. i hope this site helps those who found the strength to leave and those still trying to. take care everyone.


Blogger Dirty Birdie said...

I am so glad you got away from that bastard and Yay MOM for giving him his just deserts.

It's frightening how many STRONG women still find themselves in these situations. It just goes to show it can happen to anyone.

7:57 AM  

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